Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation Receives $750,000 Donation

Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation Receives $750,000 Donation

The Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation just received a huge donation from a family who are no strangers to being generous.

“We exist to provide support to the 34,000 students in Oklahoma City Public Schools,” said Mary Me’lon-Tully, president and CEO of OKCPS Foundation.

The foundation was established in 1984 to improve the quality of the school district.

“Aligning [ourselves] with Oklahoma City Public Schools to figure out what we should focus on at the foundation to have the biggest impact, Said Me’lon-Tully.

The foundation helps programs like Kit-a-Kid and Coat-a-Kid. Drives to help raise supplies and winter clothing for students. They also purchase books for children.

All this provided by generous donations, like the donation they just received from Dick and Glenna Tanenbaum.

“Nothing is more important than education and the Oklahoma City Public Schools has a bunch of wonderful kids in it,” said Glenna Tanenbaum.

“It’s so valuable, so important, we’ve seen the results, we go to the schools, we go to the programs, and it’s just unbelievable,” said Dick Tanenbaum.

This is the second time the Tanenbaums have made a major donation to the foundation. They say it’s because they have seen the benefits their previous donation has provided for the district.

“When you go into the schools and you see that all the kids have coats, you know all the kids reading, they have the opportunity to get the books for free,” said Glenna Tanenbaum.

“We’re doing this as an example for the community to help them out. That’s how we can transform these kids into productive people in our society, which is so important in today’s world,” said Dick Tanenbaum.

Me’lon-Tully agrees, donations like this are game changers for the kids.

“This is going to affect our community now and into the future,” said Me’lon-Tully

The foundation is supported by donations, to donate or find out more about the Oklahoma City Public School foundation, visit