Dick Tananbaum on expanding to meet the growing needs of Oklahoma City | 405 Business

Dick Tananbaum on expanding to meet the growing needs of Oklahoma City | 405 Business

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“Our goal is to make Oklahoma City an even better place to work and live,” says Dick Tanenbaum of Gardner Tanenbaum Holdings (GTH).

Behind Tanenbaum’s affable smile and relaxed charm is a razor-sharp business mind brimming with innovation and ingenuity. The commercial real estate projects spearheaded by GTH are unprecedented. Worldwide leaders in commercial real estate for more than 50 years, GTH has played a vital role in Oklahoma City’s growth and success.

“We are dedicated to meeting the needs of Oklahomans by continuously reinvesting in the city we love,” he says. “Being able to provide these core services to Oklahomans, especially in undeveloped parts of the city, brings us our greatest joy.”

Dick Tanenbaum has an international reputation as a trailblazer in the world of real estate development. With a portfolio covering more than 9-million square feet of commercial, industrial, and residential properties in Oklahoma, 26 states across the U.S., as well as Mexico and Brazil, he has lifted GTH to unparalleled heights.

“There is a direct correlation between our success and the success of our community. Investing my energy and resources into projects that elevate everyone in Oklahoma City is what motivates me to hit the ground running every morning.”

Q: What makes Gardner Tanenbaum Holdings unique?
A: “When you live and work in a community for half a century, you build quite a few relationships along the way. We are uniquely connected with Oklahoma City’s bueinss community and we have always seen a bright vision for this city. We have cultivated these relationships because of our deep committment to the people of our community and a dedication to continuously reinvest in the city we love.”

Q: What is on the horizon for GTH?
A: “We are very excited about Westgate Park located near Kilpatrick Turnpike and I-40. Westgate Park development is designed for business, retail, and residents to LIVE, WORK, & CONNECT. The existing five-story Class-A office Building, Westgate One, was just the beginning. It will be a game changer for the west region of Oklahoma City.”

Q: This will be a combination of office and residential?
A: “Yes. Westgate Park is offering 444 Class A+ residential units. You can host small gatherings in our seating areas, grill your favorite meals at our grilling stations, or relax by the fire pits while enjoying outdoor TV areas. Our dog park will accommodate large and small dogs and features a peek-a-boo fence for your enjoyment and for your pet’s safety! Our swimming pool with a theater wall is perfect for a refreshing swim and you can even enjoy a dive-in movie night. We will also have pickleball, basketball, and sand volleyball courts, as well as a patio pub with seating, outdoor grills, and fire pits. Our residential clubhouse is accessibly 24/7. We offer outdoor TV’s, pavilions, fireplaces, and complimentary Starbucks coffee in our hospitality area to our residents. There is nothing like it in West OKC!”

Q: Why do you invest in areas that other developers seem to shy away from?
A: “Our team is highly skilled at spotting opportunities that others overlook. A recent student of housing requirements in Oklahoma City shows a tremendous need to increase the inventory in the Oklahoma City Market, specifically in the west part of OKC. We recognized that need and we have played a pivotal role in fulfilling that demand across the metro.”

Q: Where do you see GTH by the end of the decade?
A: “We have developed 9.5 million square feet of commercial, residential, and industrial real estate and have $450 million currently under construction throughout the metro. People will always need a place to live and a place to work so I see GTH expanding expontentially as more people come here to make Oklahoma City their home.”