Developer wants to bring 1920s Hollywood to modern day Oklahoma City

Developer wants to bring 1920s Hollywood to modern day Oklahoma City

The Harlow Apartments will be named after actress Jean Harlow. The developer, Richard Tanenbaum, said the historic buildings will keep their classic feel with a 1920s inspiration.

“The era when these buildings were built, I think they were outstanding buildings. They were the stars of downtown Oklahoma City. So, I was thinking, let’s think of who the Hollywood stars are,” Tanenbaum said.

He said the apartments will give off the Hollywood look, just like Jean Harlow.

“The décor will be Hollywood style, Hollywood seating type thing. Whatever the residents choose to put on the screen that’s their business. I don’t think too many of them in today’s world can remember Clark Gable or Cary Grant, or Jean Harlow, for that matter, but I do,” Tanenbaum said.

The former Banc First building and Medical Arts building will be the new site of The Harlow.

“They are connected through the underground downtown corridor,” Tanenbaum said.

The downtown OKC underground has made a recent comeback with another boost in traffic.

“It goes way back, and it was just, not an afterthought, but now I think it’s real important that the whole city be connected underground,” Tanenbaum said.

Buying and renovating costs more than $70 million but he thinks The Harlow is just what Oklahoma City needs.

“So, we’re maintaining that beautiful integrity of that era and downtown Oklahoma City. I love downtown Oklahoma City. It’s a beautiful place, it’s clean, it’s neat, it’s organized. So, we’re just adding activity, and that’s what we’ve always needed in downtown Oklahoma City,” Tanenbaum said.

Tanenbaum said he hopes The Harlow will be open by March 2024 with amenities like a Pickleball court, a theatre and community workspaces.